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7 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

When it comes to tending to, renovating, or building a house, an electrician’s job is crucial. Apart from the casual fixing of a light switch or replacing a bulb, electrician’s do their job without compromising the building’s safety. Which is why, before choosing a commercial electrician or hiring residential electrician for your house, you must be careful to select reliable contractors.

So, how exactly do you go about hiring electrician for a project? In this blog, we help you with a few questions you must ask your electric company before hiring their electricians.

Do You Have an Electrician License and Relevant Permits?

A conversation with a residential or commercial electrician must start with you understanding if they have a license to operate in your area. While trusting someone’s work via word of mouth or by meeting them can work out for small jobs, it is still better to have visible proof of their expertise. At the same time, you must also check that their license period is still valid while you are hiring an electrician.
Please note that licensing requirements for electricians vary from one state to another. So, it is a good idea to look up licensing needs in your state before you hire a commercial electrician.
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Do You Have Proof of Insurance for Electrical Work?

When hiring a residential electrician or even a commercial one, insurance is an absolute neccessity. Changes of electrical nature to any property need insurance coverage, so always ask your contractor about the same.

Such an insurance covers accidents that may cause damage to your home or a person inside the home when an electrical job is under works. Note that it is the electrician’s insurance company who needs to cover these damages and not you. So, whether the electrician you’re hiring has insurance covered or not can be a deal breaker in most cases.

Can You Provide an Electrical Estimate for the Job?

Once the residential electrician has showed you a license and proof of insurance, another important conversation awaits you. It is a good idea to describe the job that needs to be done and ask for a rough estimate in advance. This way, both parties can be prepared for the scope of work and the money being spent.

Try hiring an electrician who does not charge too high or too low as compared to the market rates. If they are charging high, it means that they are assuming that you have not done enough market research. If they are charging too low, they may not have all legal licenses or could be unfamiliar with the level of work.
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What Does Your Electrical Estimate Include?

Once you get a quote from the commercial electrician, you must dive deeper. Take a closer look at the estimate, more so if you receive multiple quotes for the same job. For further clarity, ask the commercial or residential electrician about the scope of work, and if there will be any hidden or extra cost of supplies.

You can also learn about a probable scenario which could make the estimate vary significantly. A qualified electrician would be able to walk you through the estimate and provide any detail that you ask for.

Does Your Electric Company Charge by the Hour?

In general terms, paying the residential or commercial electrician by an hourly rate is not a great idea. All contractors work at a different pace, so you do not want to be stuck with someone who finishes the job too quickly or too slowly just for extra dollars.

Ideally, you should go for an electrician who quotes a flat upfront rate, regardless of the time involved in the project. When hiring a commercial electrician, this point is really important to consider.
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Do Your Electricians Pull the Necessary Permits?

Nearly all electrical work requires appropriate permits to be taken first. Most states also demand for a city inspector to check out the work once finished. So, your residential electrician must be aware of the same and experienced enough to take care of the process for you. If they deny on getting a permit, it may be a red flag.

Does Your Electric Company Provide Warranty Options?

Electricians may guarantee their work to one level or another. However, you must clarify the degree to which the guarantee or warranty works. Would the commercial electrician come back to help if a fault arises after the job is done? Will the residential electrician cover a warranty on any products installed for at least a few months? Get clarity on these questions in advance to understand how covered you are.
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You're Ready to Request Your Electrical Quote!

With this blog, you’re all set to contact and hire a commercial electrician or residential electrician in your area. Just make sure to take your time with the communication and decide on a company or individual who is trustworthy and fair in their dealings.