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Does My Property Need to be Rewired?

While you may get your answer by the end of our article, experts recommend professional ‘custom home wiring’ to avoid the risk of partial faulty wiring. Every two to three years, it is important to have an electrician examine the electrical safety of your home. This is because components might break and then become dangerous due to changing temperatures and circumstances.

Sticking with these regular electrical inspections will help you know if your home needs rewired. In-between, keep your attention on the following details so you know if you need to call for service earlier than anticipated.

Indications That Your Property Needs To Be Rewired

Even though a full house electrical rewiring service might appear excessive and expensive, it is insignificant compared to the protection it provides to your house. We’ve assembled a checklist of the top symptoms to look out for when your building needs an experienced residential electrician for your electrical repairs.

1. Dimming or Flickering Light Bulbs

The fluctuating or darkening of lamps is among the most visible warning signs indicating your property needs to be rewired. Whenever a light gets brighter, it’s receiving too much volt, whereas when it goes dim, it’s receiving less than it should be.

Although it is frequently assumed that perhaps the lightbulb seems to be the issue, every spike or dip in light is usually an indicator of malfunctioning wiring or circuitry and needs to be examined right away.
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2. Fuse Blowing Repeatedly

If you are experiencing a regular and random blowing of fuses in your house, it may be a sign that you need to rewire your property. It is imperative to remember, however, that the problem may just be a faulty appliance, as there could be many causes. Having said that, if the problem persists, then you should seek help from a professional electrician near you.

3. Constant Slight Burning Odor

Oftentimes, a small fire from an electrical short circuit near your switches would create a mild burning odor. Your wiring may potentially be shorting behind walls or under floorboards.

If you smell ‘something burning’ and are unable to pinpoint the source, you should approach your nearest residential electrician. An expert electrician should examine your home by doing a proper electrical inspection as soon as you notice any suspicious burning smell.
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4. Electric Shock When You Grip a Cord

Electrical shocks are painful for everybody, especially your youngsters. You should contact your local electrician straight away for a home or building electrical safety evaluation if you feel a tiny electrical shock while touching a connection or cable — this will also ensure all kids and pets are kept safe.

5. Circuit Breakers are Tripping

It’s an indication that your circuit breakers are working correctly when they trip. Whenever a circuit consumes higher amperes than it was meant to, a circuit breaker is installed in your property to “break” and halt the flow of electric current. Therefore, if your circuit breaker trips too frequently, there is certainly a wiring issue present.

6. Burning Out of Incandescent Fixtures in their Sockets

You might have encountered light fittings blowing out within their sockets if you haven’t noticed flickering or dimming lights. This is commonly an indication of more severe wiring issues and is triggered by voltage fluctuations. The most apparent indication that a building needs to be rewired, therefore you need to contact your local electrician as quickly as it comes to your notice.
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Hazards of Faulty Electrical Wiring

A rewiring is certainly needed unless the wiring has a contemporary PVCu covering. If you stumble through any old rubber-insulated, cloth Insulated or lead-insulated cabling, it should be changed because the insulation might just have decayed or dissolved, presenting a danger of fire and sometimes even electrocution.

If somehow the PVCu wire is not a double ground cable, which has a secondary grounded wire running within the exterior sleeve, it may even have to be changed.

However, you may not be able to see it unless you can take off a switch or plug cover and examine it closely.

What Is The Price Of An Electrical Condition Report?

You’ll be surprised to discover that many Residential Electric Companies provide evaluations at extremely cheap rates. If you’re looking to purchase a house, you should have access to it for an electrical condition study. This will help you to identify accurately what has to be fixed and, more crucially, whether the building needs to be rewired.

Furthermore, a quality assessment will provide a reliable projected cost. The cost may also vary depending upon the size of the house.
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What Is The Price Of An Electrical Condition Report?

Electricians commonly demand a fixed amount to rewire a building. Although it is conventional to agree on rates for every additional electrical socket, switch, or light fixture. Depending on how much time they estimate the work will take, how many connections there are, and how many power sockets, light fittings, and buttons there are, the price will be calculated using measured rates.


Your house starts showing observable indications when it requires maintenance, and ignoring them can be dangerous for the safety of your home and your loved ones. To prevent disasters, regular examinations and maintenance are a key to keeping your wiring in good working order. It can be expensive to maintain in some places, and cheaper in others, but it is important to see it as an investment rather than an expense when it comes to safety.