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What Is The Difference Between An Electrician And An Electrical Contractor?

House improvement and maintenance tasks are multi-varied and require the expertise of different professionals. One such intense stream of household tasks involves electricity-related equipment, wiring, connections, circuits, and a lot more. For such skilled tasks, we commonly require the services of professionals such as electricians and electrical contractors.

What marks a distinction between the two is the very purpose they serve. The type of tasks, level of skill required, expanse of the project undertaken, and other factors determine who is best suited for a particular job.

The current article will highlight the difference between an electrician and electrical contractors.

Who Are Electricians and Electrical Contractors?

Both electricians and electrical contractors are engaged on a daily basis with electricity connections, installations, and maintenance.

Most typically, certified electricians have to visit your property physically to complete their electrical work. On the other hand, electrical contractors are more of a business individual (or company) engaged in vast construction projects from design to installation, maintenance, etc. of a property’s entire electrical system.
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What Do Electricians and Electrical Contractors Do?

What comes to our notice until now is that electricians as well as electrical contractors undertake electrical works, but at different parts of the construction or improvement process.

What is the Difference?

Even in the common parlance, we often confuse electrical contractors and electricians to be the same, they are not interchangeable terms. Both the professions vary, they perform different roles and serve different stages of a construction project.

It is important to understand these differences to make sure one correctly assesses what one project needs and who can cater to it most efficiently. It can sometimes be too confusing to decide whom to call, an electrician or an electrical contractor.
Electrical contractors are master electricians who are more involved in overseeing the various electrical tasks under a project. The overall quality of services, safety of the electrical systems and teams, comes under a residential electrical contractor. They are equipped and skilled to complete a whole range of work from petty tasks such as replacing fixtures to broader targets such as finishing off home renovation projects.
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Different Yet Related

Most typically, an electrical contractor has advanced after working as a successful electrician over the years. The rich hands-on experience gained as a certified electrician is a rock solid base.

Additionally, when one becomes an electrical contractor, their daily tasks commonly require the assistance and skills of an electrician. Home upgrades are never complete without the support of electricians.

It is commonly thought that electrical contractors are more accountable for what they do, in reality even the electricians are equally held responsible if something goes unexpectedly.

Make sure you understand the role of an electrician and electrical contractor before you look forward to choosing one for your home improvement project. Once you have decided which service to opt for, the next logical step is to look for a reliable and experienced electrician or electrical contractor (whichever is suitable).

Ensure the company (or individual you finalize) is skilled, delivers timely services at competitive rates. The materials and equipment used must be of high grade and of superior quality for safety and durability. It is always a wise decision to check prospective websites for client testimonials, past projects undertaken, google reviews, company details for a double check.