We complete all types of electrical work, no matter how complex or technical. Contact us today to get started.

Residential electrician Services

Dahan Electric has been serving countless homeowners in Burtonsville and its surrounding areas since our beginning in 1989. Our team of professionals can handle a number of jobs, from home lighting to media center services. Contact us today for a free estimate and see what Dahan Electric can do for you.

Home remodeling, repairs, lighting and more

New lighting in your home can not only improve your family’s ability to enjoy your property, but it can also add value and curbside appeal.

Home wiring and media center services

Are you looking to add a new entertainment center or media room to your home? We can help! We offer fast, effective, and affordable services.

Residential FAQs

Have a question you’d like the answers to? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions and see if they answer any doubts you may have.
Can You Work In My Home?
In most circumstances, yes, Dahan Electric is available to work on residential properties and within homes throughout the DMV. We will inquire about your problem, panel, any previous electric work recently completed, if you’re looking for changes what those may be, and the overall timeline.
5 Benefits Of Hiring Reputable Electrical Contractors For Residential Projects
The 5 benefits of working with our reputable residential electrical contractors include fast turnaround time due to local availability, trustworthy reviews from nearby neighbors, easily checked and confirmed license status, follow-up maintenance if any issue should arrive, and knowledge of local codes and installation requirements.
Why Use Dahan Electric?
Dahan Electric residential electricians are friendly, knowledgeable, and fast with electrical solutions. We handle installations, upgrades, and repairs, so no matter what electrical issue you are facing, we have the team to fix it from start to finish. This also allows you to work with one consistent electric company for any residential electrical work.
Do You Give Free Estimates For Residential Projects?
Yes, Dahan Electric is available to visit and consult on your electrical project. We will discuss possible solutions, timelines, budgets, and the overall outcome you are looking for by hiring our residential electrical services.
When Is The Right Time To Call An Electrician?
If you are worried at all about the safety of the electric in your home, it is time to call a certified residential electrician. You should call your local electricians if you need wiring or lighting work, new installations, repairs or updates, panel inspections, or are curious about improving your home’s overall electrical efficiency.
How Do I Know If My Electrical Panel Is Out Of Date?
The best way to check if your panel is out of date is to inspect its appearance. Rust or other signs of wear are bad signs and mean you need to call an electric company. Constantly tripping breakers are another sign, along with damaged fuses or bad/frayed wiring that you can see. If you are at all concerned, hiring local electricians for a panel inspection can help you confirm your panel is safe and available for all of your home appliances.
Home Electrical Safety Checklist
A thorough home electrical safety checklist could be an entire article on its own, but there are some key points every homeowner should know and follow. We recommend: surge protectors, light bulb checks, portable heating units, electrical cord safety, proper switch and outlet covers, all outlets grounded, and the most recent date of inspection.
Are Home Electrical Inspections Worth It?
Yes, home electrical inspections are always worth the call and cost. A home electrical inspection ensures your panel is safe and up to code, your panel can handle all of the appliances of your house, outlets are properly grounded, all outlets are up to code, wiring is safe, and anything exposed is protected.
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Commercial Services

Whether you’re building a new commercial site or you simply need better lighting for your business, you can rely on Dahan Electric to provide you with effective electrical solutions. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

Qualified electrical construction services

Whether you’re building a new site or you simply need better lighting for your business, you can rely on Dahan Electric to provide you with effective solutions.

Commercial Voice, data, and lighting solutions

At Dahan Electric we take pride in our ability to provide our commercial clients with top-quality electrical inspections, installations, and repairs.

Commercial FAQs

Have a question you’d like the answers to? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions and see if they answer any doubts you may have.
What Is The Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Wiring?
Domestic and commercial wiring are rated for different exposures, loads, and replacement timelines. Commercial electricians will be equipped with the knowledge of which wires are proper to install and which are not rated for the commercial use needed.
How An Electrician Can Help With Your Commercial Remodeling
At Dahan Electric, our commercial electricians are not just installers and remodelers; we also consult and meet with every team lead to ensure a seamless commercial remodel. This includes thorough planning, coordination, and consulting.
Does My Business Need an Emergency Generator?
Yes, all businesses should have an emergency generator. While commercial electric companies like Dahan Electric are proud to offer select emergency services, there is no substitute for having an emergency power generator on site for immediate, emergent use.
Can You Provide Emergency Commercial Electrical Services?
Yes, we do provide some select emergency commercial electrical services to our clients. Call Dahan Electric today to consult on your electrical issue and set up a plan to be available for commercial electrical services.
How Is A Commercial Electrician Different From A Normal Electrician?
Commercial electricians are trained in and specialize in different codes vs residential electricians. Commercial electricians understand and can help coordinate different tradesmen and plan ahead for the commercial maintenance plans commercial electric requires vs residential installations.

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